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Terms & Conditions

Vehicle collection & return procedure

No vehicles are accepted without the correct documents. No responsibility or any contractual liabilities are accepted or commenced by Platinum Parking until a vehicle is collected from a client at departures and transfer of care is made by the client in person to Platinum Parking. Contractual responsibility is only accepted by Platinum Parking once an invoice/contract has been signed by the client and copies kept by both parties. If a vehicle is simply abandoned at the collection point (without the presence of a Platinum Parking staff member) by a client for our possible subsequent collection, no responsibility will be taken by Platinum Parking of the vehicles status or any parking costs/penalties that may of been incurred When making a booking via our web page to proceed these conditions are displayed and you are agreeing that you have read & understood the terms & conditions set out and if applicable also the details set out in the contract and agree to be bound by them. It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of our procedures which are openly displayed. All signed contracts/invoices are binding. When a vehicle is collected from you (in person) a vehicle check will be performed to determine the vehicles status this will be recorded and you will be asked to sign this document and in doing so you are agreeing to this vehicle check and its validity. However if the vehicle is collected in poor light conditions or the vehicle is deemed too dirty to survey then no responsibility will be accepted by Platinum Parking S.L.of the vehicles status and by signing the said invoice/contract again you are agreeing to bound by these terms. Platinum Parking will not be held responsible for any items left inside the vehicle, unless they have been advised and it registered on the invoice/contract by an employee of the company, at the moment of leaving the vehicle in our care. Responsibility is accepted by Platinum Parking S.L for the safe transportation by a Platinum operative to and from storage & while in storage only. Platinum Parking S.L however accept no responsibility for any technical/electrical/mechanical malfunction that may occur (it includes defective tyres, defective wheel covers that are not securely fixed or cable tied in place to avoid possible loss) that may occur during transportation to storage or departures or while in storage. When your vehicle is retrieved from storage for collection by you or in fact someone who has been given permission to do so it is the responsibility of that person who collects the said vehicle to verify the vehicles status. In all cases it is the responsibility of the owner/client to make all parties aware of this process. Platinum Parking reserve the right to refuse returning the vehicle to the client, if there are any outstanding amounts not paid, please ensure you have an adequate method of payment before returning to your vehicle to avoid expensive delays(accepted currency being the Euro) When a vehicle has left our possession at this point it is deemed no longer in our care or our responsibility and Platinum Parking S.L. accept no liability and by signing the said invoice or contract agree to bound by these terms.

Departing from Spain, Malaga

While we fully appreciate you cannot guarantee an exact arrival time (road conditions, traffic etc ) we endeavour to be waiting for your arrival at departures to collect your car earlier than your stated time to ensure a smooth transition from vehicle to flight. We would be grateful if any lateness is going to occur a courtesy phone call will be made to inform us. Also if you expect to arrive earlier than your stated time phone call can be made to possibly summon an earlier collection.(0034 662 230 128)

Departing or Returning to Spain , Malaga (24 hours notice minimum) - All requests (collection or return) must be sent via email to ensure the correct details are recorded


Information supplied by you must be sent via email a minimum of 24 hours prior is deemed to be local Spanish time. Incorrect information supplied here may incur a €50.00 surcharge to cover extra costs in regards to paid staffing levels. If no collection or return date is known it is important to inform us of your intended vehicle collection/drop off via email no less than a minimum of 24 hours prior before your arrival at the Malaga Airport collection & return point (so that the correct staffing levels can be made available) failure to do this may incur a €20.00 surcharge.Any request for your vehicle (either collection or return) must be sent via email a minimum of 24 hours prior, this is to ensure that your request is properly noted and recorded (plus so that the correct staffing levels can be made available) failure to do so may incur a €20.00 surcharge.By giving us the correct information sent via email a minimum of 24 hours prior (return date / flight number & due time of arrival) enables us to monitor your progress to ensure the best possible service can be given (plus to allow that the correct staffing levels can be made available).If the information supplied by you is incorrect which causes the vehicle to be made ready and you fail to arrive at the collection & return point a €20 surcharge may be incurred to cover the unnecessary paid work that has been carried out .Again however if you are unfortunate enough to miss boarding your flight and fail to inform us in good time and your vehicle is made ready a €20 surcharge may apply to cover the unnecessary paid work that has been carried out.

If your return date has to be changed for any reason at all and you fail inform us of your new return date/flight details less than the minimum of 24 hours required via email prior to your arrival at Malaga collection & return point and unnecessary paid work has been carried out (affecting staffing levels) a €20 surcharge may be applied.In short keep us informed

Arrivals Malaga

Luggage / Vehicle Retrieval - On collection of your vehicle you will be asked what type of luggage you intend to return to Malaga with and a note will be made on your invoice. If we are not informed at this time it will be assumed that you travel with hold luggage. Depending on your status (i.e. hand or hold luggage) this will determine your progress to the collection point after your flight has landed to retrieve your vehicle. Experience tells us if you are only travelling with hand luggage the normal time taken is 20 minutes, if travelling with hold luggage this expands to nearer 40 minutes. Your vehicle will be at the collection point to coincide with these approximate timings.

Lost Luggage - As we are not privy to the information of the possibility that your luggage or part of your luggage may have been lost, which will of course impede your progress to the collection point, it is important that you inform us as soon as possible by phone, there is of course a possibility that we will endeavour to contact you on your supplied mobile number to determine your lack of progress, hence the importance to ensure your mobile is functional shortly after landing. We have no real way of knowing that you have in fact made your flight and have arrived at Malaga to collect your vehicle, we assume that after landing you come direct to us, the only stops being security or bag collection.

If after an hour, after your flight has landed, and no communication has been possible, again experience tells us that potentially there is a problem and a decision may have to be taken to return the vehicle back to storage to ensure a smooth flight to vehicle process for all other clients, surcharges may be incurred

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