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Here are a few questions that we are asked on a regular basis

If you still can’t find the answers to your questions call us on 0034 952 066 667 and speak personally to one of our representatives who will help you with any questions you may have.

Or simply send a standard email to - - to allow one of our staff to answer any questions you may have in regards to helping you in your need for Car Parking at Malaga Airport

If you still can’t find the answers to your questions call or us and one of our representatives will help you with any questions you may have.

Where is Platinum Car Parking based?

We are based in Malaga very close to the Malaga International Airport

The address of our main office is:

Calle Argonautas, 15, Malaga, 29004

How do I get a quote?

Simply go to the "Quick Quote Box" (in the links above) and enter your details and a quote will be given for Long Term Parking at Malaga Airport, short term or daily car parking at Malaga Airport

How do I make a booking?

Again very simple, in the links above, click on “Making a Booking”. Here you will be asked more in-depth questions and once we have received your correct details confirmation will be sent

Where do we meet or take my vehicle so can that my vehicle can be stored safely?

Once you have completed the booking process on our website on the “Making a Booking” page and your booking has been confirmed there are two options:

Option 1. (Terminal 2)

Bringing your vehicle to us to so we can safely take responsibility of your vehicle and to place into our secure storage facilities.

This option is enjoyed by many numerous satisfied clients, both new and returning, who have used our services when Car Parking at Malaga Airport for the first time or in the past, whether it be for Long Term Car Parking at Malaga Airport or daily parking due to the ease of transition between vehicle & flight .

Real individual comments posted by our previously satisfied clients can be found, if you wish to do so, on our Platinum Car Parking Facebook Page, (we would also welcome your comments too). We also have a Testimonial page that genuine comments have been posted by previously satisfied clients that have used our services in the past and of course that have returned

Our aim is to create a stress free travelling experience, we regularly achieves this by using a very simple method, and on the day of your departure you simply drive your vehicle to departures and opposite Departures building Terminal 2 you will be met one of our representatives to collect your vehicle.

There is no real need to make un-necessary expensive phone calls to us at , as once your booking is confirmed by email there is nothing more for you to do. Of course we know you can’t be exact with your arrival / collection time, road conditions etc and only ask if you are going to be extremely late to give us a courtesy call to let us know.

Terminal 2 Departures Building is the Older Beige Coloured Building, and although joined, not the building that has the glass front, this is Terminal 3 (simply drive past this building) you can’t go wrong a one-way system is in place.

Our staff are all experienced in Car Parking at Malaga Airport and easily recognised by their uniform. Our Red shirts / Jackets are complemented with bold white writing stating our name “Platinum Car Parking”.

Our staff will of course will be waiting and looking for you, so don’t worry, they will probably see you before you see them as they are well trained due to many Long Term Car Parking at Malaga Airport clients that we have along with numerous short stay clients as well.

You will be directed by the company representative to temporarily park your vehicle at the meeting point to allow the removal of any luggage you may have, if you require a trolley to ease the transportation of the said luggage and one is not readily available our representative will of course supply you with one (free of charge of course) simply ask and it will be happily provided.

After a small amount of paperwork is performed by our representative , in the form of a vehicle check sheet , you will asked to sign the company invoice which of course gives the responsibility of your vehicle to us whilst it is in our care.

You are now free to check in to your flight and your Car Parking at Malaga Airport experience with us has begun.

Option 2. (Main Office)

Again once you have completed the booking process on our website you can bring your vehicle direct to our main indoor office. Not many people choose this option but our representatives are happy fulfil your request. We do not operate a “courtesy bus” system but you will be then transported to departures to connect to your flight.

How do I get my vehicle back when I return to Spain?

Your vehicle is returned to you by one of our representatives at the same place we collected it from you opposite Terminal 2 Departures Building the Older Beige Coloured Building, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Long Term Car Parking at Malaga Airport contract or a shorter daily term, a representative will monitor your returning flight, when it has landed, your vehicle will be transported to the collection point. Again there is no real need to make un-necessary expensive phone calls to us , the only exception being is that if the airline has unfortunately misplaced any of your luggage, which of course will delay your progress through the arrival security process, and eventual collection of your vehicle.

How do I pay for the service supplied?

Under normal circumstances when using our services for Car Parking at Malaga Airport payment is collected in person from you by a representative on your return to Spain and collection of your vehicle or if you prefer you can pay before you leave Spain whichever you find easier. Under no circumstances will a representative ask for a deposit or credit card details to ensure a secure parking period. With Long Term Car Parking at Malaga Airport it is slightly different as contracts are payable in advance.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions at all that are not covered here please email us with a normal standard email and address it to - – once we have received it , in reply you will receive an automatically generated response email simply to tell you that we have received your email safely. Once we have received your enquiry, a member of our staff will personally deal with and answer any questions you may have as our aim is to guarantee your satisfaction.

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